Applications and dating sites have completely changed the way people date and meet. These days, it is easier than ever to hook up with complete strangers. Not only are you able to meet them, you can get together specifically to have sex with them. One of the apps which everyone acknowledges for changing the dating scene is Tinder. Millions of people have already hooked up and had sex with one another using the popular app. But, besides Tinder, there are several other great apps you can use to have sex with someone you don’t even know. The following compilation contains some of the best apps to help you have sex with complete strangers near you.


Individuals who may be concerned about their naked sex photos, videos and other sensitive material on apps will like Disckreet. It helps keep all of your spicy and erotic material secure and safe. In addition to that, you can meet countless of others out there who want to hook up with you.


The purpose of this app is to get to the point of dating. Instead of going through the dating rituals, users cut to the chase and meet up right away. The app was founded by an OkCupid former employer. Find people around you who want to go out on tonight or any other night and hook up. The application can even select a spot for you both to meet.


As we already mentioned, this is one – if not the most popular – one-night-stand sex app on the market. You swipe yes and no to photos of potential matches. Whenever two people swipe yes to each other’s photos, they can connect and chat. The rest is meeting up and getting your groove on with them.

Sexy Vibes

The Sexy Vibes app can actually turn your Smartphone into a vibrator. The kick is that the person on the other end will be the one controlling it. This is great for couples who are far away from each other.


The name of the app tells you the type of people you will likely meet here. The individuals who use it are looking for wild sex and no strings attached. You can check out people around you anonymously. Best of all, there’s a verification photo feature to help you make sure you are talking to real people. With the filter tool, you can find people who are looking for exactly the same thing you are, whatever that may be.


Unlike other apps that let you talk to anyone, this one has a ‘Wink’ feature in place. Unless you wink at someone, they will not be able to view your profile. With the chat service in the app, you can talk to others without giving out your phone number. If what you want is sex without any commitment, then Tingle can help you find someone to do it with.


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