Frequent sex is great for people both physically, emotionally and mentally. Several studies have shown that couples who engage in sex often fare better than their counterparts. The benefits include better sleeping, greater communication, being happier, less stressed and several others. But, there are many couples today who are experiencing sexual droughts. They are neither giving any nor on the receiving end of any. The only thing these people can take comfort in is that they are not alone. Research has shown a decline in the amount of times couples have sex each year.

In the event that you are in a sexless relationship, don’t feel too bad. There are several things you can do if you want to have more sex with your mate. Remember, not having frequent sex does not mean there is trouble in your partnership. Below, are some of the reasons why. Knowing about them will help you avoid them and be cognizant of them.

Too Busy With Life

Hectic lifestyles are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to sexless relationships. Either one or both of the individuals in the unison are too busy. Days turn to weeks between the last hug, much less the last time you make love. The only way out is to plan for some time together among you both and get away for the weekend. Women will get in the mood faster if they are away from their daily routines.

Medication Made You Not Do It

Medications are very useful to help us get rid of or to deal with some health problems. But, ironically, they can be the culprit for other issues. One of them is diminishing your sex drive. Women tend to lose their sex drive upon taking birth control. Their testosterone levels decrease. Besides these meds, there could be others which are causing the lack of interest in sex. Be sure to ask your doctor about any possible side effects the medication you are taking can have.

Time For The Kids

Nothing causes less sex among couples than having to take care of children. Both pregnancy and childbirth can affect a female’s hormones drastically. In many cases, they are changed with unpredictable outcomes. Becoming a parent also changes how you look at yourself, your partner and your role. Try talking to one another about the situation and see what solutions you can come up.

The Stress Factor

Stress or feeling too much pressure will often lead to a lack of sex drive. If it is not you who are feeling it, he or she may be the one. Besides, instead of enjoying it, the sex becomes routine and less erotic. The irony is that having sex, will vastly reduce the amount of stress you both have. Try writing down the things which are making either – or both – of you stressed. Once you pinpoint what they are, the next step is avoiding or removing them from that list.


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