What The World Searches Most When It Comes To Pornography

What The World Searches Most When It Comes To Pornography

Interesting things begin to happen when you gather and analyze statistics. Whether you do so for a business or anything else in life. The same thing applies to the world of pornography. The latest data on what the world searches for the most when it comes to adult material is surprising. Although some of the entries are not that alarming, others are.

One of the things which many people don’t realize about porn material, is how popular it is. According to statistics, one out every four women search for some form of porn pics or sex GIF image online. For men, the numbers are way higher since they make up about 74% of those who visit sites. Once more, people spend countless of hours viewing porn in top sites such as PornHub and Sex.com.

Part of the rise in people viewing porn material online is due to mobile devices. These days, it is easier than ever for anyone to have one. Furthermore, if they have access to the internet, then viewing porn pics, adult videos and animated sex GIF images is a cinch. Most porn sites let you see endless adult material for free. Another interesting statistics are the time and hours when porn watching spikes up. In many countries, porn viewing increases during the late night hours. Some guess that this may be due to those watching pornography taking advantage of their sleeping spouses.

To put the amount of porn viewed in perspective, several aspects of the data must be analyzed. For one, PornHub had more than 23 billion visitors last year. That is 2.6 million visits per hour, 44K per minute and 30 per second. It also rounds up to about 64 million visitors per day which is astounding.

When it came to the number of videos being watched, there were a total of 91,980,225,000 videos viewed. That amounts to 12.5 pornographic videos watched for each single human being in the entire world. As far as the countries which led the way in porn viewing numbers, USA topped the list. Second place was for United Kingdom while Canada, India and Japan finished in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place.

The categories that were most searched for in porn are broken down as follows.

Lesbian – Girl-on-girl porn topped the list as both men and women wanted to see lesbian material more than anything else. Girls scissoring, lesbian seduction, teen lesbian and first time lesbian are some of the most related searches. The lesbian milf and lesbian stepmom daughter, led the way in the sub-category. In all, people all over the world have a thing for lesbian porn material.

Step Mom – It appears as if a lot of young teens and males have a thing for their step mom. That can only spell bad news for the father who has to worry about his own son trying to seduce his spouse. Yet according to stats, the step mom category is one of the most popular. Perhaps visitors just want to see sex photos and GIF images of hot older women.

MILF – This category is relative to the step mom genre since MILFs are moms we all like to fuck. Any MILF related porn material is very popular with countless of people dreaming about fucking a MILF. Individuals love older hot mature women. Whether it is MILFs with big tits, amateur milf, anal MILF or several others, they are all at the top.

Teen – The teen category has always been one the most sought after in the porn world. The industry is always on the lookout for women who look very young. Or at least younger than their age to pass them off as teens. But, make no mistake, these are young looking teens which are of age. Any site that displays images of teen girls under 18, could get in trouble. So can the person viewing the porn.

Step Sister – If there is one category which should cause parents headaches is this one. Especially if they have siblings which are step brothers and sisters. It appears that many people out there want to see porn pictures and other material of step sisters getting it on.

Cartoon – Hentai – The cartoon and hentai categories are very different from each other. Even though they both deal with animated characters, they each have their own following. Hentai and cartoon came in right under each other as far as the most ranked porn genres. Since there is no limit to what animators can draw, the possibilities are endless. It is what makes these categories so popular.

Massage – One would never think that massage sex pics and animated sex GIFS would make it to the top categories in porn. However, it appears tons of people enjoy viewing pornography which depicts massages.

Japanese – Some of the most beautiful, hottest and desired women in the world are Japanese. With their pretty faces, hot bodies and great tits, people never get enough of Japanese porn. That explains why Japanese porn pics and other content is at the top.